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Learning to be A Gunfighter Part I

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“With great power comes great responsibility”

-Voltaire 1832 / Stan Lee 1962

No one can argue that handguns today when paired with modern ammunition can be powerful and devastating tools.  Therefore what is the responsibility of individual gun owners / CCW permit holders who choose to carry these tools on a daily or periodic basis?  I can lease a Bobcat front-end loader/excavator but I’d be a fool to deploy it on a home improvement project because I have a credit card & FL driver’s license.

With this series I hope to convey the thought processes and subsequent training and self-education I have pursued (and continue to pursue) in order to become a “gunfighter”! Veritas Training Academy co-founder and mentor, Mike Magowan, regularly states in his CCW training classes that if someone starts shooting at you then by definition, “you are in a gunfight …and you better be a gunfighter!”  If you are attacked by someone with or without a weapon and your best option is to draw your firearm,”you are in a gunfight…and you better be a gunfighter!”  We are responsible for every projectile that leaves the barrel of our firearm!

To shape an individual into an effective gunfighter requires ongoing training that fuses the mind, body, & firearm into an undefeatable human weapon system with the understanding that shooting is never going to happen in the real world like it does on the range”
Chris Ghahnam      

President SARK  Securities      

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
Willing is not enough we must do.” –Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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