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Training Tip: Range Scars

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Range Scars are bad habits we build up from practicing incorrectly. Always “practice perfect” and “train like you fight”. Bad habits will show up under the slightest amount of stress. Try to build good habits and proper muscle memory when you are training and practicing. We must practice and train with any equipment that we are going to use for self-defense. Practice and train correctly like your life depends on it, because it does.

Training Tip: New Ammo

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We are excited about a new self-defense round that just came out a couple months ago. Liberty Ammunition has created a new pre-frag round called the HALO Point. This is my new carry round and is the most advanced bullet on the market. It is designed to keep down over penetration while give you maximum stopping power.

Training Tip: Trigger Control

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Shooting is all about the trigger and trigger control is everything. When firing the gun always “press” the trigger with smooth constant pressure to the rear. Keep the same amount of pressure with your grip. Do not apply more pressure to your grip as you press the the trigger. Squeezing your grip harder will cause you to come off target. Focus on “Frontsight Press”. Remember “Slow is smooth, smooth is FAST”.

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